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Erosive Tooth Wear

Posted on 11/21/2022 by Artistic Smiles
Erosive Tooth WearErosive tooth wear is a dental condition that involves the loss of tooth structure that does not involve the bacteria in your mouth. It, therefore, means that you can experience eating away of your tooth enamel without your bacteria getting involved. Erosive tooth wear is mainly a result of internal and external factors such as acids from the food you eat, or poor eating habits. If you have regular dental visits, our dentists can detect this problem and start corrective measures immediately. This will be important to stop the progression of the corrosion of your teeth.


Erosive tooth wear is detected and identified by an oral examination. When you come for a dental checkup the dentist examines the state of each tooth, and this can reveal the presence of erosive tooth wear. The symptoms of erosive tooth wear involve the lack of anatomical features, cupped cusps, and exposed restorations that are standing alone.


Causes of erosive tooth wear are in two categories namely intrinsic and extrinsic causes. Intrinsic causes involve your gastric juices which contain acids. When the acids become concentrated, they can eat into your enamel and corrode your tooth structure.

Extrinsic causes involve acids that your intake through foods or drinks. For instance, energy drinks have high acidic content and can contribute to erosive tooth wear. Citrus juices can also be acidic and should be taken in limited amounts to ensure that they do not affect your teeth.

Visit a dentist for treatment

At the dentist's office, our dentist can employ corrective measures such as restorations and fillings to treat erosive tooth wear. You can also get crown placement, dental implants, and veneers as efficient treatments. Visit our practice for an oral examination and treatment for erosive tooth wear.
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