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The Dangers Associated With Drinking Too Much Juice

Posted on 12/19/2022 by Artistic Smiles
The Dangers Associated With Drinking Too Much JuiceEven though drinking juice seems healthy, too much of it can cause significant damage. Your teeth could suffer adverse effects if you drink too much juice. Therefore, you should limit yourself to one or two glasses of juice, lest you lose your teeth! Here are some of the dangers associated with drinking excessive juice.

It Has Too Much Sugar

Fruit juice is made of excessive sugar compared to natural fruits. High sugar levels could be harmful to your teeth and gums. Juices in natural fruits are surrounded by fibrous structures that could be helpful. By chewing the whole fruit, only part of the sugar is released. This is significantly low compared to the sugar in fruit juice. If you drink excessive fruit juice, you leave sugar deposits in your mouth.

This will attract bacteria that feed on it to create acids. High acidic levels will damage your teeth by wearing down the enamel. With time, the acids will trigger erosion and cause dental cavities. This is why you should avoid driving excessive fruit juice. If you drink it, you should rinse your mouth right after. This is helpful because it will help get rid of stuck sugary particles. We advise you to use a mouthwash for the best results.

High Acid Levels

Given that some fruits contain high acid levels, they might be harmful to your teeth. Lemon fruit juice could cause damage to your enamel by gradually wearing it down. Keep in mind that the enamel helps protect your teeth. It shields the underlying tissues from exposure. When it is damaged, these tissues are exposed, increasing the chances of tooth sensitivity. You will experience sharp pain when you drink cold or hot beverages. This can make life very uncomfortable. Get in touch with us for more information on the dangers of drinking excessive fruit juice.
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