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Four Types of Dental Bridges

Posted on 1/9/2023 by Artistic Smiles
Four Types of Dental BridgesWhen you lose teeth, dental bridges seem like the best solution to fix it. As the name suggests, a dental bridge is nothing but a bridge that takes the place of missing teeth. It is called a bridge because it anchors on your natural teeth. People suffer from tooth loss due to various reasons. If you are wondering whether or not you can get a dental bridge then come visit us so our professionals can take a look at your dental health and decide which dental prosthetic is better for you.

Anchored Dental Bridges

There are primarily four types of dental bridges. The traditional dental bridge comprises one dental crown which acts as an anchor between the artificial and natural teeth. These bridges are strong and long-lasting. They do, however, require modifications on your natural teeth to fit properly.

The cantilever dental bridge uses only one anchor tooth as opposed to the traditional one that uses two. This is less invasive and easier to fit however it is not recommended for your molars as they may come off easily.

Non-Anchored Dental Bridges

Another type of bridge is the Maryland bonded bridge. This bridge does not require any modification to your natural teeth. It instead uses a metal or porcelain framework adjacent to the teeth. This bridge is not as strong as the first two however it is an affordable alternative. The downside of these bridges is it tends to lose its color if you choose a metal framework.

An implant-supported bridge is very similar to the traditional bridge however this bridge is not anchored on your natural teeth. When you have multiple missing teeth in your mouth, implants are used on either side of the mouth and the bridge is supported by the implants. Depending on your dental problems, our professionals will decide which of these bridges work best for you. Give us a call today to find out more.
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