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What exactly is composite filling?

Posted on 6/5/2023 by Artistic Smiles
What exactly is composite filling?Nowadays, there are numerous filler materials accessible, ranging from silver to porcelain. Composite fillings are still one of the most common alternatives.

How are composite fillings different from other types of fillers? Non-toxic, tooth-colored plastic and powdered glass are combined to create composite fillings. They are utilized to repair teeth that have been cracked or decaying, and they give the weaker parts of the tooth resilience and strength.

Process of Placing Composite Fillings.

The placement of a composite filling varies from case to case. A full-filling may be necessary if the tooth is in bad shape. In some circumstances, a single layer of bonding is sufficient.

To restore your tooth's form and function, your dentist will use composite bonding to custom-mold it. In most cases, this treatment can be completed in a single sitting with little or no discomfort.

A Composite Filling Has Several Advantages.

The popularity of composite fillings has steadily increased since they were first introduced approximately 50 years ago. However, what is it about this option that makes it so popular?

Composite fillings' natural color is a big selling point for many patients. They are less noticeable than amalgam fillings because they are color-matched to the patient's natural teeth.

These fillings reduce the risk of tooth decay and infection by reducing the number of bacteria in the mouth. Composite fillings require less drilling and preparation than amalgam fillings, making them a better option for patients afraid of the dentist.

Without fillings, teeth may need to be extracted, which is more costly and time-consuming in the healing process. Composite fillings allow you to eat right after the procedure, avoiding the need for additional dental procedures. Schedule an appointment right away if you've noticed any warning symptoms and believe you might need a filling.

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