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Dental Health While Nursing

Posted on 9/11/2023 by Artistic Smiles
Dental Health While NursingThe nursing and breastfeeding period comes with varying dietary and hormonal changes. Maintaining the perfect oral health will benefit not only you but also your child.

Hydration is paramount

Breastfeeding can cause a dry mouth. A lack of sufficient saliva production may pose many dental problems such as cavities and foul breath. The solution to keeping your mouth moist is drinking a lot of water throughout the day. Water also clears away the food debris and plaque that could get stuck in the mouth.

Look into your breastfeeding positions

You might have had a condition called nursing bottle caries in young babies. The condition comes about when you allow the baby to latch while sleeping or breastfeeding for very prolonged periods. The sugars contained in the milk could get stuck in the teeth. Eventually, when the sugar is broken down, it converts to acid and corrodes the teeth of your baby. Cleaning the gums of your baby with a clean and dump washcloth after every feeding may help prevent nursing bottle carries. Cleaning clears off the milk residue that could have held onto the gums as the baby was feeding.

The diet matters

A good and well-balanced diet impacts both you and the baby. The nutrients that the baby needs to grow healthy teeth come from breastfeeding. Additionally, too much intake of sugar could increase the predisposition to cavities and gingivitis. Incorporating such things as fruits and vegetables in every meal is the way to go.

Treatment and medication

Keeping up with dental appointments after giving birth is equally as important. Remember to notify our dentist that you are currently breastfeeding. When our doctors are aware, they will be cautious to recommend procedures and medications that are safe for you and the child during the nursing period. It is safe to have dental work while nursing, especially for procedures that only require local anesthesia. Local anesthesia only numbs the targeted area. The effects of local anesthesia wear off quite fast. Soon after, you are allowed to breastfeed the baby as usual. Our doctors will be sure to discuss all viable options with you. Feel free to request a consultation with us today.
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