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Types of Oral Trauma

Posted on 3/1/2024 by Weo Admin
A close up rendering of a chipped toothOur mouth is a vital part of our daily lives for speaking, eating, and expressing emotions. So, it is understandable that any injury to this area, known as oral trauma, can be concerning.

Common Oral Trauma

Oral trauma refers to injuries that affect the mouth, teeth, gums, lips, tongue, and other structures in the oral cavity. Here are several types of oral trauma:

Tooth Fractures

These include chipped or cracked teeth, loosened teeth, and even completely knocked-out teeth. Accidents, falls, and sports injuries are common culprits.


This happens when a tooth is entirely displaced from its socket. Immediate dental care is crucial to increase the chances of saving the tooth.

Dental Luxation

Luxation refers to the displacement of a tooth from its normal position within the jawbone. It can be lateral (sideways), extrusive (partially out of the socket), or intrusive (pushed into the socket).

Jaw Fractures

Trauma to the face or head can lead to fractures in the jawbone (mandible or maxilla). Symptoms may include pain, swelling, difficulty chewing, and jaw misalignment.

Soft Tissue Injuries

These include cuts, lacerations, and abrasions to the lips, cheeks, tongue, and gums. They can result from accidents, falls, or bites.

Causes of Oral Trauma

Various factors, including accidents, sports injuries, and biting down on hard objects, can cause oral trauma. Falls, collisions, and physical altercations are common scenarios leading to oral injuries. Furthermore, engaging in habits like nail-biting or using teeth as tools can also contribute to oral trauma.

What To Do in Case of Oral Trauma

The appropriate action depends on the severity of the injury. For minor cuts, scrapes, or chipped teeth, rinse with warm salt water and apply gentle pressure to stop bleeding. Watch for signs of infection and see a dentist if needed. If a tooth gets knocked out, hold it by the top and try to place it back in. For severe bleeding, jaw pain, or breathing problems, call emergency services right away.

Contact our dentist immediately if you experience any mouth, teeth, or jaw injury. They can assess the damage, provide dental emergency treatment if needed, and recommend the best action for a full recovery.

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