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Halitosis and oral health

Posted on 3/21/2022 by Evan
Halitosis and oral healthHaving bad breath can mean that you have poor dental hygiene and can also be a symptom of other health issues. The types of food can cause you to have bad breath. The dentist will help you overcome halitosis by guiding you on the best type of food for you.

How does food affect your breath?

Breaking down of food begins in the mouth as they later get absorbed in the bloodstream and move to the lungs thus affecting the air for inhaling. Foods with strong odors such as garlic and onions the breath does not leave your mouth immediately. Until the foods have passed through the body system the breath will not go away even after flossing and brushing. Another food that can affect the breath is foods such as alcohol, cheese, pastrami, and orange juices.

Do poor habits cause bad breath?

If you fail to brush and floss the teeth well the food particles remain in the mouth and will make bacteria grow in between the teeth, on the gums, and the tongue. The bacteria cause you to have bad breath, and you might get gingivitis. If you also do not clean your dentures wee the odor-causing bacteria can form in the mouth and you will get halitosis.

Health problems that bring about bad breath

If you have gum diseases like periodontal gum disease it may cause you to have bad breath. Gum disease forms if there is a build-up of plaque on the teeth. The toxins of the bacteria irritate the gums, if it goes untreated it can cause damage to the gums and the jawbone. Ensure that you maintain regular dental visits, they help the dentist in detecting any form of an oral problem coming up. This will help prevent gum disease and avoid bad breath.
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