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What Are The Procedures Of Dental Bonding?

Posted on 5/9/2022 by Artistic Smiles
What Are The Procedures Of Dental Bonding?Dental bonding is used to repair small chipped or broken teeth, close gaps between the teeth, change the color of the teeth, correct minor spacing issues and improve overall appearance. The procedure can be used as an alternative to tooth-colored fillings or as a supplement to them. No anesthesia is required when dental bonding is performed and dental bonding can generally be completed in one visit. Once you have healed from the procedure, you will notice that your teeth are stronger than they were before and that there are no long-term consequences from having dental bonding done.

Making an appointment.

First, you should make an appointment with your dentist to get a dental exam and cleaning before beginning any type of cosmetic dentistry procedures.

First impression matters.

When your teeth have lost their shine and become stained from food or age, it can be tempting to just live with it. But in some cases, cosmetic dental bonding is a viable option—and it can help you improve your smile without affecting your oral health. Sometimes referred to as veneers or porcelain laminates, dental bonding is made up of tooth-colored composite resin material that matches a patient's natural color palate.

The procedure.

Dentists will offer their patients dental bonding for numerous reasons, whether it's to correct a chipped tooth or simply because you have some unsightly gaps between your teeth. The reason doesn't matter, though—because dental bonding is one of the simplest cosmetic procedures in dentistry today. To find out more about how it works and what you can expect during treatment, continue reading below.

Follow up appointment.

After your procedure, you'll likely have a follow-up appointment with our dentist to ensure that everything went smoothly. During this visit, the dentist will talk about how you're feeling as well as perform any additional treatments that may be needed. For example, if it was determined at your first appointment that you would need bone grafting prior to dental bonding; our dentist will likely perform these procedures during your follow-up visit
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