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Dental Veneers Agoura Hills, CA

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A Naturally Beautiful Smile With

There are several dental procedures that can improve your smile beyond what you would expect. People with damaged, broken, or missing teeth can opt for these treatments with our dentist, John Abajian DDS here at Artistic Smiles. We offer a restorative dentistry plan based on the number of teeth missing, the extent of damage, where the gaps are, and your budget.

Dental veneers are just one way that we can help you achieve the external look you are aiming for. They are usually the first and best choice for those with misshapen teeth, a gap between teeth, or chipped teeth.

What Are Dental Veneers?

Veneers are thin covers that hold fast to teeth to give them a classically shaped look. Artistic Smiles offers a wide array of dental veneering options to pick from. Talk to us about what's best for you.

Veneers often tend to provide a natural tooth appearance color that can be selected to make darker teeth appear white. Moreover, the gums tolerate porcelain well while also being stain resistant. Veneers don't require as much shaping as crowns do and yet they are better looking and stronger.

Types of Dental Veneers

There are mainly two types of veneers: resin-based composite and porcelain. Porcelain veneers are strong and thinly capped so that a dentist can easily place them on the sides and tops of the teeth. In order to attach them properly, our dentist will remove some enamel from the tooth before placing them. Porcelain veneers can be made whiter to brighten the smile and match the natural color of the teeth.

Resin-based composite veneers are similar to the porcelain ones, but they tend to be inexpensive and need less enamel removal. At times, our dentist may not require removal of any enamel before placing the veneers.

What to Expect When Getting Veneers

Getting a basic dental veneer needs a total of three trips to our office – one for consultation and the rest to make and apply the veneers. It is possible for one or many teeth to go through the process at the same time.


During this process, you will let us know about the result you are trying to achieve. The dentist will ask you what shade of white you'd like the veneer to be, and the shape.

We will examine your teeth thoroughly to make sure dental veneers are right for you while discussing the procedure and its limitations. Our dentist may take x-rays and make impressions of your teeth. The x-ray will be taken to assess the tooth and the gum surrounding it. We will be checking for any underlying problems that could affect the procedure. If there are any complications, you may need to have those treated before you have your veneer placed.

Tooth Preparation

To fully prep a tooth for a veneer, we will first reshape the tooth surface while deciding whether or not to numb the area before trimming off the enamel.

Fitting and Placement

Next, we will build a model or impression of your tooth, which is sent to the laboratory for veneer making. Usually, it takes around two to four weeks for the veneers to get back from the labs. However, temporary veneers can be used in the meantime.

Benefits of Veneers


Veneers enhance the look of existing teeth, as opposed to implants, bridges, or dentures, which replaces the missing tooth. You may consider it to be only sprucing them up a little. This allows you to brush, eat, floss, and speak normally since the natural tooth remains intact and the gaps between teeth are preserved.


Furthermore, the materials used in making veneers closely resemble how natural teeth work. While we may urge you to limit some foods that could stain the new veneers more quickly, such as dark tea or blackberries, veneers are sturdy and durable enough to enable you to use them exactly like you would your natural teeth.


Veneers are somewhat similar to applying new skin to the teeth. Veneers are meticulously designed to seem as natural as possible, but we also make them appear even more natural. This implies that you may have a stunningly white, radiant smile immediately.

Repair Damages

Our smiles deteriorate a little bit as we age. This may be seen as worn-down tooth edges or little chips on the edges of the incisors. You might not be aware of these problems until you see how different your teeth seem in an old picture. Some of us could even have an obtrusive gap between our teeth that has never been filled. Veneers provide coverage where needed and level over sharp edges to address these issues rapidly.


Veneers do not need any special care, compared to your natural teeth, and can be cleaned with your regular toothbrush and toothpaste. Veneers are more liable to damage compared to natural teeth, so it is advised that you do not bite or chew on hard objects, such as pen lids or your fingernails.

Some sensitivity may be felt after the procedure, but veneer placement does not have a recovery time or healing process.

The Cost

Dental veneers range in price based on the number of teeth that need to be covered and the efficiency of the person performing the procedure. The costs are variable based on the type of veneer, the amount of preparation needed to design them and the geographical location of the dental office.

Dental Veneers in Agoura Hills

Dental veneers are considered to be the best long-term solution to cosmetic tooth problems. Veneers can do more for your mouth than just hiding stains and blemishes. No one should be ashamed of their smile. We're here to boost confidence and help you understand your teeth.

If you are considering cosmetic dental work, you should discuss your options with our experts at Artistic Smiles. We can help with your next cosmetic procedure, and help you choose the best treatment plan for your requirements. Give us a call at (818) 930-5647 to book a consultation.

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